Stop, their weight is not your job!


I was hanging out with one of my co-workers tonight and we were discussing this thing called Life/Adulting 101.  In our conversation she mentioned how she decided to stop allowing people to put their issues and problems onto her. When she stated that I immediately had a glance over my life and how I used to be that girl who allowed people to drop their issues, situations and problems onto me. I remembered how I used to feel like it was my job to take on people’s issues because I care and loved them. But it wasn’t until I had a conversation with God one day about why I  feel so weighed down mentally, physically and spiritually all the time. His response was  because I felt like I had to be superwoman in fixing them. His response was so subtle but very true and shocking.  Once God showed me that it’s not my job to carry the weight of other people’s issues and problems but that it is his job to do that. I STOPPED! 

I say all this to say that it is not your job to always allow your friends, and family to come to you with the expectation that you can help them or fix them. That’s God’s job to fix them but they have to take on the issues to him in order to fix them. A lot of times they come to us because they know that we will carry that weight for them. Which actually enables them to not fix the mess for themselves and learn something new. 

I challenge you to stop taking on the weight of others! If they catch an attitude with you and stop talking to you for good, let them! If they say that you are acting differently, respond with I AM! If they say this is not what a christian is supposed to do, tell them OKAY!!  We are only responsible for the weight that God assigns you to carry! So release the weight of  being the go to person for others. I ask my friends and family all the time when they come to me, Did you go to God first? Did you talk to your therapist? Do you need a therapist? Did you pray? Because I ain’t dealing with it unless God tells me too. Release the weight, the pressure and the control to feel like you have to be a superhero for the ones you love and care about!

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