I looked in the Mirror

I woke up one day doing my normal Tuesday routine gym, shower, work and bible study. I got dressed for work, did a final take in the mirror before walking out the door and I learned that I didn’t like what I saw. I loved my outfit, my edges were slayed but something was missing….

Stop, their weight is not your job!

I was hanging out with one of my co-workers tonight and we were discussing this thing called Life/Adulting 101.  In our conversation she mentioned how she decided to stop allowing people to put their issues and problems onto her. When she stated that I immediately had a glance over my life and how I used…

Help, I have Childhood Trauma

As I get older I reflect on some things in my life. I realized the definition of childhood trauma that I was told as a kid was not correct. The definition I was told is that you only have childhood trauma when you are abused sexually and physically as a child. It wasn’t until I…

It’s A Struggle

I’m struggling!! I’m struggling to let you go because you’re my best friend, my lover,  my business partner but the thought of not doing life with you hurts. You’re the guy that I always dreamed of when I go to sleep, you’re the only guy whose voice makes me feel all warm and bubbly inside….